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General information: Kayur Travel offers to undertake fascinating ski tours. Ski tours will give you strength and an unforgettable experience. During the tour you can enjoy beautiful views of our wonderful northern nature. Here we can organize a camp for an overnight stay with a tent – sauna. Skiers can be accompanied by a guide with a snowmobile.

Skiing on the slopes of Arman Pass
Arman Pass is an amazing place which is very popular among citizens of Magadan. It is just a 15-minute drive from Magadan. The height of the pass on the GPS is about 614 meters. On steep slopes you can see snow for a long time (until July). This is a unique place for lovers of extreme skiing similar to alpine ski resorts with their impressive fields. All this attracts Magadan adventurers – downhill skiers. The ascent time is about an hour, then 3 km down the snowfield right to the road. Photo shooting there is simply amazing.

Cross-country skiing in the vicinity of Magadan
It looks like Magadan was built especially for those who love snow and winter. And it is a real paradise for those who are keen on skiing. In Magadan you can ski from November to early May. In short, almost seven months of the year, residents and visitors can go out of town where the air is amazingly clean and fresh and where you can gain strength and health! We would like to remind you that skiing is good for people of any age. Cross-country skiing cheers you up, inspires with a good mood, and develops strength and endurance. And walk through snowy woods is a real pleasure! One of the best tracks is located near the Snow Valley Settlement. The length of the route is 10 km. At 7.5 km. and 10 km. there are small heated huts where people can have a rest and drink delicious fragrant tea with dwarf Siberian pine pieces.

Visiting the sport leisure complex "Snegorka"
"Snegorka" is one of the recreation places for Magadan citizens. The complex is located close to the city. It is a unique place for winter outdoor activity. Rest at "Snegorka" is really good for the whole family. Scenic nature, as well as reasonable prices in a short time made a ski resort a favorite holiday destination for Magadan citizens and guests. There is an excellent track for snow tubing and skiing, a skating- rink, skiing and snowmobiles. All this attracts many outdoor enthusiasts every weekend. It is popular now to organize corporate holidays when people come to rest to "Snegorka" with their colleagues. The complex has a service center with a ski equipment rental, a barbecue place and a cafe where you can relax after a busy day.


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