Tour company "KAYUR TRAVEL LLC"
Northeast Russia has always attracted travelers, researchers and people who like the northern nature.

Travel company "KAYUR TRAVEL LLC" organizes adventure, ecological, fishing, historical, floating tours, automobile races and many other tours in Magadan region and in the North - East of Russia.

We invite all nature lovers, enthusiastic travelers, historians, researchers, fishermen, naturalists, photographers, cameramen and journalists to visit the North-East of Russia!

Tour company "KAYUR TRAVEL LLC"

"KAYUR TRAVEL LLC" organizes the following tours:

o Sport fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk, rivers and lakes;
o Floating tours down the rivers of Magadan region;
o Organization of tent camps with mobile Russian banya (any season of the year);
o Assistance in the organization of scientific expeditions;
o Specialized ecological tours for amateur ornithologists (birdwatchers), photographers, technical assistance when shooting movies;
o Sea Boat trips;
o Ethnographic tours
o Visiting GULAG places;
o Various excursions in Magadan;
o Ski tours;
o Snowmobile and ATV tours;
o Hiking tours of different difficulty;
o Assistance to cruise ships;
o Assistance in organization of seminars and scientific conferences;
o Organization of transfers, and related services in Magadan;
o Organization of auto races;
o Organization of corporate trips of any complexity (for groups up to 50 people);
o Various combined tours;

When designing tours we try to take into account the interests of both the novice and experienced travelers. You can choose a tour to your interests from the list of proposed tours or tell us what you want and we combine for you your own program according to your interests.

Guides of our company have many years' experience with tour groups.

We invite travel agencies interested in co-organizing tours in Magadan region to cooperate with us.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. We are confident that, once visited the Kolyma region, you will have a wish to come here again.

Sincerely yours, "KAYUR TRAVEL LLC"

Our logo
On our logo you can see a raven Kutkh, which is traditionally revered by different indigenous peoples of the North - East of Russia as a land creator and a progenitor of mankind. Kutkh image appears in many legends of northern peoples. Kutkh is good-natured, sometimes capable of prank, funny and harmless jokes. He often finds himself in a comic situation. The image unites features of a raven and a human. According to the legend, once upon a time Kutkh turned into a raven and flew forever away to unknown countries, but before leaving he ordered people “to live in harmony with nature and to protect their land”. Our travel company fully supports this principle, and strongly promotes respect for nature!

The name of our company
We want to tell you why we decided to call our company "Kayur Travel"! Almost without thinking, we decided that this name fits perfectly tourist services offered by us. The most common meaning of the word Kayur is a drover of dogs or reindeer put to the sledge”. But we like another meaning more. Kayur is a guide in the taiga zone of the North - East of Russia. Kayurs usually accompanied geologists and travelers. They cared about making them feel comfortable, guarded their lives and helped in every way to achieve their scientific goals and tourist objectives. Well, aren’t we Kayurs?

Our history
The first ecological, fishing and floating tours were organized in 1992 under the flag of the tour company Talan, managed by Valery Zarudny and Michael Skopets. Valery and Michael were the first who began developing eco-tourism in Magadan region and the North - East of Russia. With their help ecological tourism has become a promising line of business. A lot of people including foreign travel agencies got information about our region. In 2000 the tour company DVS-TOUR picked up this torch with honor and glory and developed ecological tourism for a long time in our region. After 15 years working in the tour company DVS-TOUR we have got an idea to open our own tour operating travel company. This is how Kayur Travel LLC was originated.
In our company we offer that highest level of service, which has been worked out during all past years of tourism activity. All tours conducted by us are the result of fruitful work of many people, experts in different areas. We are happy to remember the names of all people who shared with us the burden of responsibility during our tours and who gave a part of his/her soul to tourism, who advised and helped us to conduct our tours. These people cared about the comfort of our tourists, showed and told about the most beautiful, interesting and sometimes hard to reach areas of our region, made our tours easy and memorable.

Our team
We thank for cooperation Victor and Alexandra Belger, Vladimir Gorbunov, Galina Zakharko, Sergey Rydchenko, Eugene Bodylev, Sergey and David Reisman, Andrey Komissarov, Evgeny Radchenko, Andrey Kuzminich, Igor Dorogoy, Eduard Ivanov Alexander Andreev, Olga Izotova, Igor Gerashchenko, Valentina Kuntcevich, Michael Skopets, Valery Baturin, Arcadyi Alfimov, Vitaly Pospekhov, Tatiana Kozlova, Vladimir and Ekaterina Mikhailova, Marina Neiman, Elena Golubova, Natalia Gerber, Sergei Khalansky, Eugene Skiba, Vladimir Andriyashin, Larisa Mahonkina, Elena Chmykh, Anna Kai, Yuri Salayev, Oleg Zaika, Natalia Miroshnichenko, Ivan Panikarov, Inna Gribanova, Natalia Dvornik, Anna Gorbunova, Vera Smirnova, Sergey Efimov, Pavel Zhdanov, Andrey Osipov , Victoria Zubritskaya, Vladimir Rybakov, Ilya Kavyakin, Irina Dimitrieva, Aleskeyi Shahurdin, Olga Moskvina, Jeanna Varenitsa, Peter Golubovskii, Radyi Netslov, Vsevolod Ostapchenya, Evelyna Fedorova, Michael and Arseniy Kretzschmar, Andrey Nevretdinov, Alessandr Ivanov, Vasily Krivorotko, Alena Legenkaya, Ilya Podshivalov, Larisa Glushneva, Larisa Kozlova, Galina Ratmanova, Igor Uchuev, Artem Lisyuk, Yuri Berezhnoy, Andrei Kotjuch, Sergei Ishmakov, Sergei Kazantsev, Valery Kashin, and many others.



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+7 914 862 8920 Victoria Belger (coordinator)
+7 914 8661860 Artur Fedorov (floating tours, river fishing)
+7 914 0303090 Oleg Rydchenko (sea trips by high-speed power boat (up to 6 persons), tours by snowmobiles and ATVs)

Post address: 685000, Magadan, 3-d Transportny Pereulok, 9.

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