Snowmobile and ATV Tours
General information: Some of the most popular modern vehicles are Yamaha and Ski-Doo snowmobiles and ATVs. Our company offers snowmobile and ATV tours of various routes with different obstacles (hills, ravines, etc) created by nature. We will provide a safe, enjoyable drive along specially designed routes. All routes are conducted according to two basic principles: safety and beauty. Each trip involves at least 2 snowmobiles. This is a necessary condition for security. During the tour we can set up a warm tent with a heater, hot tea and food. As an option, we can organize the real Russian tent banya with dwarf Siberian pine besoms. We can also organize a tent camp for a group up to 40 people.

Main snowmobile routes

Svetlaya Bay through a dome on the Marchekanskaya Hill with going to the sea coast
The approximate total length is about 30 km. In the huge dome of the former military radar installation on the top of Marchekankaya Hill you can hear unusual acoustic effects when the echo of muted conversation repeatedly reinforced from all sides just stuns the listener. The trip starts from Staraya Veselaya settlement (20 minutes from Magadan). It is possible to ski downhill right to the foot of the south-eastern part of the city.

Ptichiy Peninsula
This trip is approximately 40 km long. You can go along the sea coast. The trip starts at the old poultry farm.

Medvezhka Bay
This trip is approximately 40 - 50 km long. It starts at the old poultry farm.

Journey through the winter woods on Arman Pass
The distance varies, but it is also about 40 - 50 km long. The trip stops either on Arman Pass or at the old poultry farm.

Motykleysky bay and Motykleyskie hot springs
Motykleyskie hot springs are located not far from Magadan. They are well known for their healing properties of water. They do not freeze even in the most severe frosts. The temperature seldom drops below +25 degrees. Departure from the Balagannoe settlement. The length of the route is about 100 km. For swimming in a separate 2-layer tent with a heater we may set up large sledges as a bath and continuously add there hot water from the hot springs.

The Melkovodnaya Bay
Departure from Ola settlement. The route is about 150 km long. You can have a very good ice – fishing for smelt – a very testy small fish with cucumber smell.

Camping at the Lankovaya river
There are separate houses and a sauna. Departure from Klepka settlement, The route is about 120 km long.


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