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In recent years event tours gain in popularity all over the world. They are considered to be a fundamentally new and undoubtedly an interesting direction in tourism. The main purpose of these tours isn’t visiting certain places but visiting any interesting events. In this section we present the main events and festivals that take place throughout the year in our area.

The annual competition "Ski Track of Elena Vyalbe" (April)
Very interesting competitions "Ski Track of Vyalbe" dedicated to our Olympic champion Elena Vyalbe take place every year in Magadan. This outstanding athlete was born in Magadan region and lived here until 1991. Competitions are held at top level. You can see here many famous skiers who come to Magadan to take part in this festival. Near the ski tracks there are spacious tents, where competitors can drink aromatic tea and treat themself to delicious pies. There are also wood-fired grills and barbecues. In the open air appetite is always excellent!

Flying skiers (April)
Ski jumping competitions called "Night Flight" traditionally take place in April in Magadan. The strongest Russian flying skiers take part in this competition. Among them there are also skiers from Magadan - master of sports of the international class. In spite of the night time and remoteness from the city center thousands of spectators come to this festival. The event is very popular among residents of Magadan region. It is very entertaining: "flying" skiers take off from a springboard in a dark sky under spotlight.

Ethnic festival "Dzyalbu" (March)
Once in every two years in March, in the capital of Kolyma the ethnic festival "Dzyalbu" takes place. It was held first in 2016, so next time in 2018. Residents and visitors are invited to the exhibition of folk crafts, performances of creative groups, fashion shows of national costumes, as well as competitions in national sports: jumping over sledges, wrestling, pulling the stick, running cross country. The events are very entertaining, exciting and funny. The most long-expected event is a Sledge Dog Race and exhibition of northern dogs: Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds. All guests are invited to drink aromatic tea and eat cranberry and fish cakes. Usually March spring weather is warm and sunny. Ethnic festival is a great holiday, and its main task is, of course, to introduce the culture of the indigenous peoples of Magadan region.

The Even festival Hebdenek (June)
In the second half of June in Magadan it is possible to visit the even festival Hebdenek, the ancient festival of the summer solstice, the so-called "The Even New Year." More than ten times Kolyma region citizens gathered on the same picturesque glade, surrounded by majestic hills, and is conveniently located just above the mouth of the Dukcha river. In each of the Even camps you can hear heartful cheers "Dorova", "Hetty!". With these words the hosts meet their numerous guests and treat them to a fish soup. You can personally visit all the tents, which are organized by representatives of the reindeer herding camps competing for the title "the best tent on this side of the Milky Way." People start gathering on a glade at about 3 am. Many people, in spite of cruising taxis prefer to walk on foot. There are burning fires everywhere. The people whirl in a traditional dance Hayden and make secret wishes by tying a colored ribbon on a larch. As a rule, the holiday is held in compliance with national traditions, the performance of the mandatory rites and rituals, with concert, game and sports programs, competitions between the camps of nomads for the best preparation of tea, soup, traditional national dishes, etc. Sometimes during the holiday there is a photo studio, where everyone can be photographed in national costumes with amateur actors - local celebrities. Traditionally there are exhibition-fairs of arts and crafts of the North and the performance of the national dance and song team Ener, as well as other artists of this genre.

White nights in Magadan (June)
For those who arrive in Magadan it is very important to feel new time, the time difference with Moscow is 8 hours. So everyone needs time for adaptation. By the way, it can be pretty hard and takes some days. You should also take into account the climatic features. Not the best factor for the adaptation process is the "white nights", which begin in Magadan in mid-June and end in about a month. In Magadan as well as in St. Petersburg (by the way, these two cities are almost on the same latitude) people also celebrate the "White Nights Festival", which is traditionally held on the last Saturday of June. During this period the duration of daylight is about 17 hours and there is no dark time. It just gets a little bit darker, as if on a rainy day, and then at 4 am you see that the sun shines again. We do not recommend you visiting directly the holiday, which is not much different from any other city events and would like to suggest going somewhere - somewhere outside the city and meet the dawn in peace and quiet, watching new day blossoms.

Celebration of Magadan City Day (July)
Magadan citizens celebrate City Day in mid-July. It is the warmest time of summer. The holiday is held on July 14, but the celebration begins two - three days earlier. You can visit a variety of events, intellectual and educational games, sports competitions, concerts of municipal brass and pop music. The anniversary celebrations are particular interesting. Anniversaries, both in human life and in the history of the city, are the time when people make conclusions and sum up and at the same time they build new plans, updates, start a new stage of the way.

Art song festival (July)
The traditional art song festival "Territory of Love" takes place in the suburbs of Magadan in one of the warmest nights of July every year. Many residents of the regional center gather to listen songs written by contemporary bards of Magadan and just relax in nature.
The program "Territory of Love" of the festival consists of several parts. The 1st part is the contest of young performers, then "free microphone" when anyone can go on the stage and sing a song. The event continues as a concert. Every year the number of young performers increases. They want to express themselves and their talents. Just share with them the excitement, the desire to travel, love and romance.

Celebrating the "Day of the Fisherman" (July)
For our territory Fisherman's Day is a common holiday uniting practically all inhabitants of the area. We live by the sea, in the land with numerous rivers and streams. And so everyone, even if he/she is not a professional fisherman feels the influence of the sea.
Fishing is a favorite pastime for many people who live in Magadan region. They know a lot about it and can tell a lot of personal stories about the adventures and rich catches. Special congratulations on this day addressed to veterans and workers of the fishery complex area. They provide the territory with fish products, keep our brand outside of the region, bring a lot of revenue to the regional treasury. On this day, families go to the fishing license areas not only to fish, but relax and enjoy the sea breeze. From Ola to Talon you can see numerous fishermen. Each fisherman cooks his unique fish soup. Someone adds a lemon or an apple, someone - a white wine to a fish soup. But everyone praises only his dish, being confident that it is the most delicious soup in the world ...

The Even feast of a big fish - "Bakyldydyak" (July)
In the past Even reindeers agreed in advance to meet near the mouth of the river at the time of the beginning of salmon spawning. At that time they left their camps, only a few people stayed in the camp to watch for deer, and moved to the sea. At the coast they fished and prepared dry fish Jukola for winter. On the beach boys competed in running, wrestling, jumping, archery, throwing the lasso. Evens from different generic groups shared their traditions, songs and legends. Nothing has changed since that time. In the past this festival took place once in two years. Now it is annual. Representatives of indigenous peoples of the north come to Magadan from all parts of Magadan region. In the place called Njuklya they set up yurts - the national home of the northern peoples. The holiday begins with a performance of ancient customs of feeding the fire, the sea and nets. This way shaman and elders cajole the spirits. While the men fish, creative groups entertain the guests of the holiday. They perform national dances and songs, read poetry in the Even language. You can buy here also souvenirs, amulets and national dresses. You can also taste fresh fish soup cooked from just caught fish and the national bread - unleavened flat cakes. Bakyldydyak is a vivid example that national traditions are preserved in Magadan region. The holiday of the first fish is also a great opportunity to meet all together at the sea side and spend good time.

Traditional Russian Miners’ Festival “Gold Miner’s Luck"(July)
During this competition participants compete in washing gold in the old style, using trays. For those who have never dealt with the artisanal tray, experienced miners conduct a master class before the competition. Participants are provided with two cubic meters of auriferous sands. For 30 minutes a participant has the right to wash any amount of the rock. But to win it is necessary to get as much gold as possible. It does not depend on the amount, it depends on quality of washing. In 30 minutes miners have to manually collect precious metal grains from the tray, dry them on fire in ordinary cans before weighing and separate gold from pieces of rocks adhered to it. Technologies, materials and trays – everything is like it was in the seventeenth century. This is true immersion back to the past, a very informative event for participants and spectators. This competition is accompanied by a rich cultural program.


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