Information for Visitors
The invitation letter for foreigners who plan to visit Magadan and Magadan region

A necessary condition for visiting the Russian Federation for foreigners is to have a visa. The Russian visa is based on the purpose of your visit. Thus, a visa to Russia can be tourist, educational, private, business or work. By length of your stay in Russia visa can be single, double or multiple entry valid for a maximum of 1 year. A tourist visa to Russia is issued to a foreign citizen who enters Russia as a tourist for a period of stay up to 30 days. Our company is ready to provide foreign tourists with travel invitation letters, which help you to get a tourist visa for up to 30 days.
Our register number is BHT 017725.
Here is the link to our company in the register of Russian tour operators:
The invitation letter consists of a tourist voucher and confirmation of admission. If necessary, we also provide a detailed tour itinerary. A foreigner who wishes to obtain a visa to Russia, must apply to the Russian Consulate for a visa in his/her country. Upon arrival in Russia you need to get registered in the Migration Department of the Russian Federation during the first seven working days of your stay. To get it you also need to have a migration card with a stamp of crossing the border of the Russian Federation and the identity document. The price for sending invitation letter from Kayur Travel LLC is 2500 rubles. We are ready to send it to your e-mail address during one working day.
To make an invitation letter we need the following information:
- Copy of your passport;
- The intended date of entry/departure to/from the Russian Federation;
- List of cities you plan to visit, the timing of visit and names of the hotels where you plan to stay during this period;
Send this information to our specialists to , make a payment and all the scanned documents will be sent to your email.

We organize our tours for Russian tourists and foreigners. A translator is provided for foreign tourists during the tours.
The time difference with Moscow. Time difference between Magadan and Moscow is + 8 hours.

What is advisable to have with you in the plane
Flight from Moscow to Magadan takes approximately 7 hours. For your convenience we recommend to take with you on a long flight the following items: a travel pillow, light shield blindfolds, ear plugs and sleeping pills.

Have some cash and a credit card (MASTER CARD, VISA). Cash is often needed during auto races in Magadan region and Yakutia. In the settlements on the Kolyma highway credit cards are often not accepted. The amount of money depends on what you plan to buy during the tour.

You can use the cell phone services in the majority of settlements of Magadan region (MTS, Beeline, Tele-2, Megafon). During outdoor tours far from Magadan there will be no mobile communication. For safety reasons and for communication with the office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Magadan (if needed) the senior tour guide has a satellite telephone during most of our tours (Iridium or Global star).

The climate of Magadan region can be called severe. Throughout the year we have cold winds. In summer they blow from the cold sea to the mainland, in winter - from the mainland to the sea. There are significant differences in climate of the coastal regions, which have relatively mild winter and cool summer, and the inner parts of the region, where the climate is continental. Magadan lies at the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk between two bays - Nagaev Bay and Gertner Bay. In the summer morning and evening Magadan is very often covered with a very thick fog drifting from the sea. In the end of August and in the beginning of September frosts can occur at night. In calm weather insects can cause inconvenience, so you should have your own repellent. It is better to have a lip-balm, sunburn cream and eye drops with you (if the air is too dry).

Clothing has to be chosen according to the tour you are planning to have in our region. In any case the clothes should be comfortable and preferably water- and windproof.

To take part in most of our tours you do not need to have a special training or to be in extraordinary physical shape. However, tourists who have health problems should be aware that in the wild nature we cannot provide you with full medical care required. During the tours our guides usually have all necessary means of first-aid with them. However, we strongly advise our guests to have with them all individual medicines which may be necessary for their health.

Accommodation and meals on the route

If the tour price includes accommodation during the tour it can be accommodation in hotels of Magadan and Magadan region, or stay in mobile tent camps - in portable tents for 2-4 people. Meals can be arranged in cafes and restaurants of the city, roadside cafes or as camp fire food. Some tours include pre-prepared lunchboxes. We recommend our guests to discuss their individual eating habits before the tour and they will be taken into consideration before the tour.Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price. Our guests can purchase them according to personal preference just before the tour or our guests can make a request in advance and we will buy the required drinks. If you plan to have hiking, rafting or other different activities we recommend pouring alcohol into plastic bottles.

In the city and on long-distance routes different vehicles are used. They are minibuses, 18-seat buses, Kamaz passenger trucks, off -road vehicles, etc. During auto races you will have to pass average 500 km/day. We recommend you having some snack with you (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate). Air transport - helicopter MI-8. The amphibian airplane (made in Russia) L-42 M Admiral or helicopter ROBINSON (USA) are available for individual transfers (2-3 people). Boat transfers are carried out by different types of marine crafts.

Guide service
To serve our guests we hire guides with big experience of work.

The tour safety involves a great experience of our guides, the use of the best and most reliable equipment and machinery. For the personal safety of tourists floating boats and power boats are equipped with life jackets. We strongly recommend you to wear them while you are on water. During the tour guides have a satellite phone for everyday communication with the Kayur Travel office in Magadan or Federal Rescue Service if needed. For outdoors tours we give our tourists for personal protection false fire to protect against bears. Besides guides have bear sprays and flareguns. If needed there is tent camp electronic protection system or a guide on duty at night time. Before the tour beginning all tourists have a safety meeting carried out by a senior guide. All our guests should sign their compliance with safety rules. What you need to know going in tours organized by our company

Catching some fish species (coho, chum) in Magadan region is only allowed in the license areas.
We adhere to the principle of respect for nature, so please observe the "catch and release" rule. As for the fishing gear we use only a single hook up to 7 mm. If the fish you caught is deadly damaged you can take it with you, and we will cook it for dinner. The coast of the Sea of Okhotsk refers to the border area. A visit to the islands is possible only with a special permit, which our specialists are ready to arrange in advance. To obtain this permission it is necessary to send a photocopy of your passport and visa.

Recommended equipment for active tours
warm thermal underwear;
water- and windproof jacket in summer, warm jacket or insulated jacket with a hood in winter;
feather padded pants or other warm pants in winter;
fleece jacket or warm sweater
warm hat (wool or fleece)
gloves or mittens (warm, preferably bilayer, windproof, can be skiing gloves) in winter;
balaclava and mask covering the face in winter;
seasonal sturdy shoes;
socks (better thermal socks in winter);
personal care;
a change of footwear for hotels and guest houses;
personal first aid kit;
face cream from freezing in winter and sun cream in summer;
wet sanitary napkins (2-3 packages);
a sleeping bag and a rug, if the tour involves an overnight stay in a camp;
head torch;
plastic bags;
waterproof bag for documents, money and others;
knife or leatherman;
matches in a sealed package;

Tour booking and payment procedure

To book a tour you need to write an application from on our website in the contact section or send an e-mail to
Cell phone of our English speaking manager is +79148628920 Victoria Belger. WhatsApp contact is available. The tour is considered to be reserved only after we receive a deposit (advance) of 30% of the tour price. Terms of payment of the advance payment are discussed individually. Final payment must be made not later than the first day of the tour.

Using photos and videos
We reserve the right to take pictures and videos during the tour and use them in the future for promotional purposes. By reserving our tours you agree with the above mentioned. If you are against please let us know about it before the tour.

The number of tourists in the group
The number of tourists in the group depends on your wishes and our possibilities. If you prefer we can arrange an individual program or a program for a large group.

Tour duration
According to your request we can reduce or increase the duration of the selected tour.

Tour costs
The tour cost is calculated individually in each case, depending on the selected program, duration, the number of tourists in the group, transport logistics and declared list of services.

Operating procedure
Kayur Travel Company works with already formed groups and with individual applications. We conclude contracts with agencies or with a group leader. A group leader can be granted with special conditions.

The responsibility of a group leader
The main mission of a group leader is to communicate between the travel agency and tourists, both by the tour preparation and during the tour. By preparation for the tour a group leader carries on correspondence with the travel agency and signs an agreement. He/she provides the company with all necessary information for further paper work (lists of participants, their passport numbers, dates of birth and other information), notifies group participants about conditions of the tour (itinerary, natural and living conditions, required equipment, etc.), brings to participants attention that they have to follow safety rules during the tour. During the tour a group leader supervises the arrival of the group and luggage to Magadan airport, controls the presence of all necessary equipment and clothing, controls the behavior of tourists, their compliance with the safety rules, tells to a senior guide about all emerging issues that require taking appropriate measures, including emergency communication with the central office in Magadan. He/she shares impressions of tourists on the tour with a senior guide, as well as plans for the next day (schedule, route, etc.) and monitors its implementation by group participants.

During any travel you may have a desire to buy an interesting souvenir and make a surprise for your relatives and friends bringing them gifts from faraway lands.

In Magadan, as well as in another city, you can buy completely unique souvenirs.

Here is what we would advise our guests to purchase in Magadan:

1. Salmon caviar, crab, smoked fish and other goodies from fish departments of Magadan markets. We offer you to buy delicious souvenirs from Magadan such as preserves of local fish-processing plants (the best one is herring in different sauces), crabs and squid, trumpeter, red caviar, delicious smoked red fish and salted dry smelt. Crab meat is better to buy frozen. As practice shows, if the frozen crab is wrapped in foil you can bring it to Moscow without any problem.

2. Magadan gold jewelry. Magadan can be considered to be a unique city due to the number of jewelry stores. You can buy a completely unique jewelry from Magadan gold nuggets which are not sold in any other city of our country.

3. Different souvenirs with symbols of Magadan. Perhaps such souvenirs dont differ from other cities souvenirs, but some items deserve your attention and bear the imprint of the local color.

4. Souvenirs made of mammoth, walrus and skin. These are traditionally northern souvenirs. You can buy small trinkets in the form of marine animals, sea and river fish, mammoths, etc. There are bone carvers who offer more serious works, namely, composite handiworks, painted walrus tusks, big mammoths made of bone. And dont forget to buy a little satisfied and positive Evenkiyskiy god - peliken. If you want him to bring you good luck he should be caressed on the tummy.

5. Traditional clothing of indigenous peoples of the north. Here you can buy beautiful fur hats called malakhai. They are decorated with beads and various northern fur animals. Such fur hats are gladly worn by Magadan hunters and fishermen in the cold winter days. You can also buy a variety of rugs, slippers, mittens, etc.

6. Local craftswomen will delight you with their wares from beads and leather. Every thing has its legend and unique history. For example, rosemary leaves are put in small leather bags. It will clean your karma, give you strength and help you to cope with adversity. Small leather slippers will help to find marital happiness. You can purchase a variety of charms, purses, jewelry, traditional northern balls and dolls.






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