Various Combined Tours
General information: Kayur Travel is ready to organize various combined tours, completely designed and assembled according to customer's request or based on his own program. We realize that our region is far enough away from the central areas of Russia, and a trip to Magadan is a real adventure. Not everyone can boast that he/she was flying in a plane for seven hours! We are also aware that a trip to Magadan is an expensive event and each person who plans a trip to the North - East, would like to see all the most interesting we have in our region. That is why we propose to form a combined tours based on the wishes of our guests. It can be an auto race Kolyma Gold Ring with a visit to places of Gulag and the gold mining place, and then our guests can float down the Arman River and fish salmon. A perfect end of the tour to Kolyma will be sea fishing. Walking Tour can be combined with ATV trip, or our guests can return to Magadan by a high-speed Japanese boat enjoying sea fishing on the way. We can offer you a lot of options for combined tours. You only need to indicate your time of stay in Magadan and your priorities and we will develop a personal tour based on your wishes, of course only if your wishes do not contradict the current Russian legislation.


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+7 914 0303090 Oleg Rydchenko (sea trips by high-speed power boat (up to 6 persons), tours by snowmobiles and ATVs)

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