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General information: “Kayur Travel LLC offers a special trip to the place of residence of indigenous peoples of the North, leading a traditional lifestyle. At the present time in remote areas of the North-Eastern Siberia Even, Koryak, Chukchi, Eskimos and Yukagirs live today as hundreds of years ago. You can get acquainted with the traditional way of life of reindeer herders and hunters, live in yaranga, ride deer and taste traditional cuisine.

The Even festival Hebdenek (June)
In the second half of June in Magadan it is possible to visit the even festival Hebdenek, the ancient festival of the summer solstice, the so-called "The Even New Year." More than ten times Kolyma region citizens gathered on the same picturesque glade, surrounded by majestic hills, and is conveniently located just above the mouth of the Dukcha river. In each of the Even camps you can hear heartful cheers "Dorova", "Hetty!". With these words the hosts meet their numerous guests and treat them to a fish soup. You can personally visit all the tents, which are organized by representatives of the reindeer herding camps competing for the title "the best tent on this side of the Milky Way." People start gathering on a glade at about 3 am. Many people, in spite of cruising taxis prefer to walk on foot. There are burning fires everywhere. The people whirl in a traditional dance Hayden and make secret wishes by tying a colored ribbon on a larch. As a rule, the holiday is held in compliance with national traditions, the performance of the mandatory rites and rituals, with concert, game and sports programs, competitions between the camps of nomads for the best preparation of tea, soup, traditional national dishes, etc. Sometimes during the holiday there is a photo studio, where everyone can be photographed in national costumes with amateur actors - local celebrities. Traditionally there are exhibition-fairs of arts and crafts of the North and the performance of the national dance and song team Ener, as well as other artists of this genre.

The Even feast of a big fish - "Bakyldydyak" (July)
In the past Even reindeers agreed in advance to meet near the mouth of the river at the time of the beginning of salmon spawning. At that time they left their camps, only a few people stayed in the camp to watch for deer, and moved to the sea. At the coast they fished and prepared dry fish Jukola for winter. On the beach boys competed in running, wrestling, jumping, archery, throwing the lasso. Evens from different generic groups shared their traditions, songs and legends. Nothing has changed since that time. In the past this festival took place once in two years. Now it is annual. Representatives of indigenous peoples of the north come to Magadan from all parts of Magadan region. In the place called Njuklya they set up yurts - the national home of the northern peoples. The holiday begins with a performance of ancient customs of feeding the fire, the sea and nets. This way shaman and elders cajole the spirits. While the men fish, creative groups entertain the guests of the holiday. They perform national dances and songs, read poetry in the Even language. You can buy here also souvenirs, amulets and national dresses. You can also taste fresh fish soup cooked from just caught fish and the national bread - unleavened flat cakes. Bakyldydyak is a vivid example that national traditions are preserved in Magadan region. The holiday of the first fish is also a great opportunity to meet all together at the sea side and spend good time.


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