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General information: The company offers unforgettable voyages along the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk – the most picturesque corner of the Pacific shores of Russia. We take our guests along the rocky cliffs of Talan island nature reserve with beautiful bird colonies, show the beautiful islands of the Sea of Okhotsk – Zavyalov and Spafareva Islands, Chirikov Cape with a lighthouse beautifully inscribed in the seascape. On Spafaryev Islands you can see the remains of an abandoned fish farm and unusual for Magadan landscape similar to the coast of Scotland. On Zavyalov Island you can see pinniped rookeries. In the quiet and picturesque bays of the coast, you will find excellent fishing for pollack, plaice, mackerel, cod, stain, catfish, sea bass, and if you’re lucky – the most coveted fish – halibut.

Visiting Zavyalov Island
Zavyalov Island (formerly called Oskyi Island) is one of the islands belonging to the Russian Federation in the Pacific Ocean, located in the Sea of Okhotsk at the entrance to Tauiskaya Bay. It is 60 kilometers south from Magadan. The area of the island is 116 km ?, it is the largest island in the Tauiskaya Bay. In the waters near the island there are spawning areas of white and blue halibut, sea ruff, several species of flounder and crabs. A feature of the island is the presence of a small freshwater lake on it.
Although there is currently no permanent population on Zavyalov Island, in summer and autumn it is frequented by fishermen, lovers of mushroom and berries and tourists. Until 1988 there was a meteorological station and a fish factory operating on the island during the herring season. In the 30's there was a sand nursery. In 2009 Magadan archaeologists made a new discovery - on Zavyalov Island "Tokarevites" parking was found, they were the oldest inhabitants of Northeast Asia, who lived on the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk even at the beginning of our era.

Sea trips and fishing in the area of Tikhaya Bay, Svetlaya Bay, Chirikov Cape, Ptichyi Peninsula and Nedorozumeniya Island
The Sea of Okhotsk is one of the richest seas of the World Ocean; There are more than 600 species of fish. Fishing in the area of Magadan is very interesting. Here you can catch halibut, flounder, terpug, sea bass, cod and many other fish. Interesting is also catching crabs, which are especially tasty, if boiled in sea water right on the beach. Sea fishing can be organized both for several hours, or for daytime. For groups of up to 6 people we provide fast, durable and reliable power boats, American and Japanese production, for large groups we have bigger options. Power boats have modern echo sounders, navigation instruments, radar, underwater video cameras, radio and satellite communications. There are also the most fashionable tackles in this season. We can organize food on the ship and cook the fish soup from just caught fish. For a small additional payment we provide a transfer to the seaport and back.

A trip on the boat to Taran Cape (Kony Peninsula)
A trip on the power boat to Taran Cape could be extremely interesting for both fishermen, photographers or just wildlife lovers. There you can meet flocks of dolphins, whales, a huge number of different species of birds. On the banks you can often watch walking bears, and sheep on the rocks of mountain. The most interesting trophy for fishermen is of course the white halibut, individual specimens of which reach 50 or more kg. You can catch here in an incredible amount tremendous ruff, cod, pollock and flounder. The harsh beauty of these wild and reserved places will not leave anyone indifferent.


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