Floating Tours Down The Rivers of Magadan Region
Kayur Travel LLC organizes floating tours down the rivers of Northeast Siberia. They can be of different categories of difficulty (from 1 to 5). Tours are held in scenic areas of our region. These areas are absolutely wild. You hardly meet other people here. They are hardly affected by a destructive human activity. The water in the rivers is so clear that it is possible to drink it without boiling. Our guides are very experienced. We provide PVC inflatable boats and all the equipment for tent camps. The tourists are transferred to the place of the beginning of the floating tour by offroad vehicles or by helicopter depending on the selected tour. During the floating tour you can meet many animals and birds, among which are: the brown bear, Steller’s sea eagle, elk, deer. Floating tours are the best combination of soothing rest and exciting adventure!

Floating down the Ola River
The Ola River is one of the major rivers of Magadan Region. In the upper part of the river it erodes rocks containing agates. These beautiful stones can be found all over the river and the surrounding sea coast. Usually the floating trip starts at the Ola River bridge on the Kolyma Highway (133 km). Here the river flows through sparsely populated places. Along the right bank the Khasynskiy mountain ridge extends, on the left - Bilibin range. On the river there is an area where the river constantly makes a new course in the forest. The mainstream gets shallow, often dries out, and it can set against bushes and be impassable. The next destination is Klyopka settlement.
Further down the river crosses the road Magadan – Ola settlement. It is convenient to finish floating near the bridge. Not far away, on the left bank there is Ola settlement - the earliest Russian settlement of Magadan Region. Ola is a large settlement, the district center. There are shops, a museum, working cellular communications. Below the bridge there is a license salmon fishing area. The length of the route is about 120 km. This floating tour is recommended for 3-5 days.
You can have one-two day floating from Klyopka settlement to Ola settlement Bridge. This floating is mainly aimed at beginners and its best duration is two days with one overnight stay. A start point – the area close to Klyopka settlement, about 50 km. away from Magadan. Below in 3 km a left tributary of the Ola River – Lankovaya River flows into the Ola River. Fishing can be good in its mouth. We usually set up a tent camp in this place. Usually in the morning the fishing is good. After breakfast tourists go on floating. The floating ends near the bridge over the Ola River. It takes you about 40 minutes to get to Magadan from this place. The floating duration is about 8 hours.

Floating down Yama River
The most popular floating tour in Magadan region is down the Yama River - a world class river. The route introduces you the taiga Yama River. Its upper and middle reaches are located in the mountainous terrain. The river crosses the high Maymandzhinsky ridge. In the lower reaches it flows through the swampy Yamskaya lowlands. There are no rapids on the Yama River, shoals and shiver of middle reaches turn into a wide part of a river channel. There is abundance of grayling in the river. Salmon comes there to spawn. In these places you can often meet a bear and moose. The length of the floating is from 70 to 190 km. depending on the way of getting to the start point of the floating. There are two ways how you can get to the start point - by off-road vehicles to Elikchansky lakes, or by helicopter MI-8 towards the Left Yama. Advantages of a car transfer are lower cost of the tour and a beautiful landscape in the upper reaches of the Yama River (mountainous terrain), but the first two days there are almost no fishing. When you go to the start point by helicopter you land in the area of the Left Yama. There will be a great fishing (chum, coho salmon, grayling, dolly varden, char). From the Left Yama the river turns to the south-west and flows to its right inflow - the Tob River. Before its mouth the Yama River makes steep loops, clinging to the steep slopes of the hills. Then the river goes to the south. To the right two inflows - Ulitkan River and Alut River flow into the Yama River. Here the mountain - ridges and massifs come to the end. There are only low hills and lowland ahead. The lowland is vast, marshy, crossed by dense forests. The floating ends at the border with Magadansky Nature Reserve, near the Dulakan River. Transfer to Magadan is only possible by helicopter MI-8. Daily distance is approximately 10 - 25 km. There can be stops for day’s rest.

Floating down the Arman River
A trip down the Arman River is a wonderful rest and a good preparation for the more difficult floating. The route length is 160 km. There are many rapids and mountain roads in the middle reaches of the river. In the lower reaches it has a relatively steady flow.
Rafting starts near Madaun settlement from the bridge on the highway, or from 89th kilometer of the highway where there is a bridge over the Igandya River - the tributary of the Arman River. While floating down the Igandya River there are lots of snags, you have to be very attentive. When the water is low on the Arman River and especially on the Igandya River the boats must be conducted through the rapids. Before the bridge of Tenkinskaya highway there can be ice mound. The wide floodplain of the Arman River is overgrown with Chosenia, poplar trees, many bushes. Shores are covered with red ashberries. There are a lot of blueberry and honeysuckle in this area in July-August. Flooded pebble spits and islands are clogged with drift wood. Gnarled trunks hidden under the water are rather dangerous for floating. On the low banks wood obstructions can occur, in some places the stream goes under them, then you have to be especially careful. The floating ends at the bridge near Arman settlement (about 50 km from Magadan). Near the bridge there is a spinning license area. Below the bridge the river forms a broad Arman Estuary separated from the sea by a narrow spit.

Floating down the Lankovaya River
The Lankovaya River flows in the eastern part of the vast Ola lowland. The river and its surroundings attract hunters and fishermen. In summer and autumn there are a lot of nesting birds on the banks of the river and countless lakes. We offer our guests fishing on the Lankovaya River with accommodation in a tent camp or in the lodge, which is located at a distance of 120 km from Magadan. Excellent fishing and incomparable romance of the rest characterize this remote place. In winter meter high white snowdrifts, snowmobiling and unrealistically bright stars in the night sky, the silence and mystery - all this wait for you during the winter fishing on the Lankovaya River. In summer the transfer to the place of the floating beginning is carried out by helicopter MI-8, MI-2, Robinson or seaplane. In winter - by snowmobiles form Klyopka settlement. Tour duration - according to your wishes. Fish species: dolly varden, char, grayling, sockeye, chum, coho. The Lankovaya Lodge represents two cabins, each of them is designed for 4 people (bed clothing, electricity, sauna). The maximum number of people in the lodge is 8 people. Undoubtedly, the floating down the Lankovaya River is of great interest. Transfer to the starting point is by MI-8 helicopter. The floating can be completed either at the bridge over the Ola River (30 km. from Magadan) or above the nearest villages Gadlya and Klyopka. The river flow is rather quiet. Picturesque nature and fishing will delight you with its variety. Types of fish - salmon, sockeye, chum, coho salmon, grayling, dolly varden, char. The length and duration of the floating tour can be varied by the customer.

How do we organize floating trips
Before the start of floating tours all our guests are instructed on safety rules. They have to sign them. We strongly advise our guests to wear life jackets while they are in boats on the river. We use RAFTMASTER inflatable boats (PolyVinylChloride) during our tours. Our guests can choose single or double boats. Guides carry all the equipment for the organization of a tent camp, food, fire and cooking gear, and so on. Usually the group is accompanied by 3-4 guides (number of guides is determined individually for each order).
For your comfort we take a mobile bath MOBIBA to the tour. A big tent serves as a dining room. Early in the morning guides prepare breakfast, then after breakfast, tourists gather their things, equip fishing tackles and go fishing in the place close to the tent camp while guides are packing the tent camp. The tourists are provided with packed lunches for a snack during the day's floating. Then the whole group accompanied by guides floats down the river. During the floating there are stops for fishing in all best fishing places. Later in the afternoon, guides choose a place for a tent camp. They set up a tent camp and a cook prepares dinner. For communication between the boats we use radios Icom Midland. If needed we can take a small power station to charge cameras and other devices. There is a satellite phone (Iridium) for daily communication with the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Magadan.


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